WORD JUDGE GLOBAL FOR CLUBS AND TOURNAMENTS, The International English Word List for World English Crossword Game Players Including Super-S Club Play, is a compilation of 2- through 21-letter words playable in popular word games such as Letter Scramble, Super Scrabble®, Words-With-Friends®, standard Scrabble®, and many others. The Superscrabble Club players in Tustin (a.k.a. Super-S Club of Tustin) necessitated the inclusion of long words beyond the 15-letter-word range. The board used by the players has a 21×21 grid squares utilizing 200 tiles.


The WORD JUDGE GLOBAL lexicon is suitable for clubs and tournaments in the worldwide continents: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America (Canada, Mexico, and U.S.A.), and South America. There are crossword game players from the Pacific Islands, the South Seas, Fiji, New Zealand, and Greenland (northern hemisphere) that may use the reference adjudicator compiled for the international word game players. There are over 290,000 words in the lexicon from A through Z.
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The lexicon, WORD JUDGE GLOBAL FOR CLUBS AND TOURNAMENTS, lists 2- through 21-letter words based on the World English language. This compilation is useful in international crossword games, be it standard or super, in addition to many other word games all over the world. The list contains all the new words playable in North America. A hard copy of the book is available from and from Fall 2015. The PDF file for your ibook collection will be available sometime during Fall 2015. It is a large file, however it is obtainable via WeTransfer or Dropbox. Send your request with your full name, email, residence address, and phone number to: