About the Author

Maliha Mendoza Mahmood
Super-S Club Director

I grew up in the Philippines, and my second language is English, taught by teachers who were trained to teach the American English Language. Because of the past American occupation of the Philippines (1898-1946) all public and private schools used English as a medium of instruction for all subjects and courses of study, all the way from Luzon (the northern islands), Visayas (the middle islands), to Mindanao (the southern islands) where my basic elementary school education began. As a student intern at the Holy Spirit Academy (a Catholic school run by the German nuns, known as the Servants of the Holy Spirit Convent, Laoag, Ilocos Norte), my primary means of communication was English–well, TAGLISH really, as it was interspersed with Tagalog, Spanish, and English. One exciting part of growing up was listening to a radio program known as “The Voice of America.” This is how I learned much of my English pronunciation. I love the English language. I underwent a process of immersion in the English language both in writing and speaking. My business administration training was completed at the University of the East in 1967. I worked as an administrative assistant to the Chairman of the Structural Engineering Department at SEATO (Southeast Asian Treaty Organization) Graduate School of Engineering in Thailand. While working in Bangkok, I met Arshud Mahmood, a Pakistani, to whom I got married. It was exciting to become an American citizen in 1982. Currently, I work with Arshud at MCE Consultants, Inc., a civil, geotechnical, and forensic engineering consulting firm he founded in Tustin, California.
The desire to start my own club became a reality in September 2012. As a director of the Super-S Club in Tustin, California, I encourage all word game players to acquire a Super Scrabble® game board for the purpose of exercising their brain cells, as well as play and have fun with their family. Visit the blog site superscrabble@wordpress.com where you can find word lists and stats regarding the bimonthly games that the Super-S Club hold. There is a link to Word Game Players Organization within the site to find out more about the WGPO.