About WGPO

(Word Game Players’ Organization)

The WGPO is a word game players’ organization run, in accordance with its bylaws, democratically by and for the players. The organization emphasizes a respectful and supportive environment that encourages every member, regardless of rating or previous tournament playing experience, to play fair, play often, and have fun.
If you are a word game player, visit WGPO and join. There is no membership fee. The organization holds tournaments all year round. Find out more about the Word Game Players’ Organization by visiting: http://wordgameplayers.org.
WGPO is the first organization that welcomed the Super-S Club of Tustin, California, as a legitimate word game players’ club. The Super-S Club uses a game board with 21×21 grid of square spaces using 200 tiles, purely for the enjoyment of word game players. No fee is required to join the club. Just the players’ desire and enthusiasm that perhaps someday they might see the longest word they’ve ever put down to play. Find out more by visiting the blog site: http://superscrabble.wordpress.com.