Bejewelled Rack

Each Super-S Club player receives a bejeweled rack after playing 30 games at the club. The special racks are designed and handcrafted by Maliha Mendoza Mahmood using synthetic clay decorated with genuine semiprecious stones and other gemstones symbolizing the player’s zodiacal sign. For example the latest rack was received by Najat Reikes. Her rack’s main centerpiece is an amethyst mounted in silver. There are other semiprecious stones that were listed in her birth sign: labradorite, moonstone, and lapis lazuli. All racks have a symbolic mini sculpture of a turtle to remind us about longevity and perseverance—turtle is the Super-S Club’s symbol.


Bill Lapinski’s Super Scrabbler’s Bejeweled Rack

After 30 games, Bill received a special bejeweled rack embedded with semiprecious stones listed in his zodiacal sign of Cancer. This is a novelty that Super-S Club players get after playing this challenging word game for a while. He has 4 turtle pets that inspired the design of this rack made of synthetic clay and baked to achieve hardness. His gemstones are: Blue lace agate, rainforest agate, carnelian, dendritic agate, moonstone, ruby, pink tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline, and pearl. The agate eye is used to deflect an evil eye (according to middle eastern belief).